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Robby Starbuck Exposes John Deere's WOKEISM

457 Views· 07/09/24
Finish The Race
Finish The Race
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⁣It’s time to expose John Deere.

has been one of the most beloved brands by conservative farmers but recently on CEO John May’s watch, they’ve gone woke.

Here’s some of what we found:

• Funding a pride event for kids as young as 3
• "Genderbread man" training
• They ask employees to list their "preferred pronouns" on all communications
• Bill Gates is listed as their largest shareholder
• John Deere celebrated their accounting and finance team taking United Way’s 21 day "United For Equity" program
• When I did "United For Equity" program it promoted Ibram Kendi, the woke children’s book "Anti-Racist Baby", "Awake to Woke to Work", a podcast on the concept of "Whiteness", woke activist Robin DiAngelo, bigotry against Christians who supposedly have "Christian Privilege" and more
• The woke policies have spread across the global John Deere brand with many of their DEI policies also being forced on their Latin America and India branches
• LGBTQ & race based identity groups at corporate
• A total commitment to DEI policies
• 95/100 CEI score from the HRC

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JohnnyB 4 days ago

Has Fink from blackrock been blowing in JohnDeere's ear about wokeism??? Haven't they learned that woke businesses go broke because that is the beginning of budlite???

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ChuckYooFarly 5 days ago

FJB, John Deere and the GBLTQ-WXYZ monsters too.

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