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Dem Clerk stuffs illegal ballots into the City drop box multiple times in one day

1,202 Views· 06/11/24
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BBA186 1 month ago

And yet, NOTHING was or will be done to this cheating ghetto hag and we have dealt with an illegitimate pos President for 4 years that has totally ruined this Constitutional Republic. WE the PEOPLE are to blame for this because an uprising should have already taken place to clear the corruption out.

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Budman 1 month ago

Our spineless Republican Party had 4 years to do so ethjbv about this and did nothing. Biden has turned D.C. into one large prisk

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2004done 1 month ago

@Budman: I don't know what either "ethjbv" or "prisk" are, but I filled them both in with obscenities, and can still agree 100%,

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