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You'll Crap Yourself: Check out how much Inflation REALLY is

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We knew it was bad, but just how bad is inflation? Hint: it's not 7%. It's not 10%. It's not even 25%

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JohnnyB 19 days ago

Biden should have been impeached the first week he was in office as well as all democraps...

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ChuckYooFarly 19 days ago

DemoRats are just plain evil. I went to the store yesterday.
Milk = $5.29
Frozen dinner = $7.99
1/2 pound Lunch meat = $5.21
String Cheese = $9.99
Store brand butter, 15 oz= $4.99
small bag of apples =$6.35
1 can of sliced peaches = $2.44
misc. items = $$$$

Anyway the total bill was $123.01 Ten years ago I could have bought this stuff for $40.00 or less.
Ten years ago I wasn't afraid of being murdered in my bed.

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