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SICK: Media Animals Violate and Harass Christina Bobb

1,240 Views· 05/22/24
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ChuckYooFarly 2 months ago

Who is she and what did she supposedly say or do to be harassed like this???

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iitywybad 2 months ago

Christina Bobb is a lawyer chosen by the RNC to head the Election Integrity Project. She was one of President Trump's lawyers until she was picked to head the RNC effort to insure an honest and fair election. She was arrested and charged in Arizona for the alternative electors (called "fake" electors by the unJustice Department and the fake media. With law degrees from three universities, she completed officer training school and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Marine Corp with a position of Judge Advocate. After that she took a position of Executive Secretary at the DHS. She left because her opinions were contrary to the deep state liberals in the DHS. She joined One America News Network as the White House Correspondent and later was hired as one of President Trump's lawyers. To answer your question as to what she did, it is simple. She is a conservative and stands for truth, justice, and the rule of law. That always makes communist democrat Pied Piper and lemming troll forked tongue snakes infected with Trump Derangement Syndrome complicated by Trump Jealousy explode in anger. nsure an honest and fair election. She was arrested and charged for her position that the 2020 election was not an honest one. Prior history is graduation from OCS and becoming a commissioned officer in the Marine Corp serving as a Judge Advocate. She followed that with a stint with the

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