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Whoopi Goldberg says she doesn't care if Biden 'pooped his pants'

717 Views· 07/08/24
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Jerubbesheth 2 days ago

I agree w/liberal commie Democrat Whoopie. I could care care less if Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe pooped in his pants, I also could care less if Quid Pro was struck by a bolt of lightning. America has an old fart deceitful, dishonest politician, with one foot in the grave that is also a crook, as POTUS. Corrupt Quid Pro belongs in an assisted living facility. Corrupt Quid Pro is the POTUS in name only. The reason Marxist Obama wants Corrupt Quid Pro as POTUS. In Corrupt Quid Pro's mentally challenged state of mind, Corrupt Quid Pro is easy to manipulate.

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ChuckYooFarly 8 days ago

F Whoopie. She IS poop.

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