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Tucker Carlson explains the Yale study on ILLEGAL immigration

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⁣Tucker Carlson explains the Yale study on ILLEGAL immigration

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ChuckYooFarly 1 month ago

The deliberate and systematic extermination of a national, racial, political, or cultural group.

The Left NEVER thinks things through. Do they think replacing the experienced Legal U.S. Citizens with drug running, raping, murdering, kiddie diddling, lazy, parasitic, 3rd world riff-raff is going to benefit them? I hope they have a 10 yr supply of food and batteries in those underground shelters they are digging for themselves.

Biden and the DemoRats, Leftists,Liberals are responsible for the genocide of the Legal United States Citizens, especially White people.
They have let in 22 million ignorant, violent, illegal-alien-invaders who will murder Caucasians, Christians & Heterosexuals. After the White people are all gone, the place really will turn into a hell hole because the riff raff knows nothing. Wait until the store shelves and gasoline pumps run empty. Wait until the power goes out. There won't be anyone to fix the problem. Wait until the factories shut down or blow up because no one knows how to maintain them or run the machinery. Wait until the farms go to ruin because no one knows how to farm. No doctors or pharmacists or dentists. No machinists, no plumbers, electricians, no mechanics.
I'm glad I won't be around long enough to see it.

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