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Trump Leading In Swing States

351 Views· 04/04/24
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Jerubbesheth 9 days ago

Polls don't mean a thing, until it actually happens. The polls had Hillary Clinton winning and look what happened. While the Red States look to strengthened the integrity of the voting process, the Blue States will sit on their rear and do nothing. They have corrupted a system, and it works for them, so why do anything. No one should put all their eggs in one basket. What is the voter going to do, if by chance Trump winds up in Bernie Madoff's old cell before the election, or better yet, Trump gets 81 million votes, and Lying Corrupt Quid Pro KING Joe comes up w/81 million 500 votes. Then one should consider the current government is inherently corrupt and America is gone forever, and needs to be taken back by other means.

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ChuckYooFarly 8 days ago

Yeah. When I went to bed on Election night, Trump was ahead. When I woke up, the DemoCraps/Leftists had managed to steal the election. It's the same disappointment I felt when Odumber was re-elected.

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