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These Kids are Going into Debt for This?

643 Views· 05/30/24
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⁣Kids waste their money on a lot of stupid things. But going into debt?

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ChuckYooFarly 1 month ago

Well, if it ain't dumb, dumber and dumbest!! Not one of these freaks is employable. Well, maybe they can get jobs as Janitors or Garbage men.

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TimKuehl 1 month ago

"My concentration is....?" Don't students major and minor in their general studies anymore? Oh, I know, it's the left changing the language. And to think Trump University lost lawsuits for defrauding their students. Look in the mirror, fools. Higher education needs to be up on criminal charges for what they're doing now and at a much higher tuition. Sure makes me glad Joe Briben wants to put their student debt on us taxpayers. NOT!

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