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Shocking Footage Of Migrants Overrrunning Border

2,697 Views· 12/22/23
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⁣Shocking Footage Of Migrants Overrrunning Border

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whitebread 3 months ago

The border patrol needs to be held just as accountable as Biden and the democrats. They have a job to do and are refusing to do the job they were hired for and get paid for. They are just as complacent as Mayorkas, Biden and every single democrat in Congress.

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Rattlerjake 4 months ago

I have absolutely no sympathy or support for the Border Patrol. What they are doing is a direct violation of the Constitution and the Immigration and Naturalization Act. The Biden administration has NO authority to allow this invasion, and the Border Patrol are aiding and abetting this criminal action and have been doing so for decades. Every one of them should be brought up on charges and prosecuted.

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