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RACIST REFS: Referees Deny Mostly White Team and Favors Black High School Players in Win

1,942 Views· 03/07/24
Rants of Izzo
Rants of Izzo
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⁣RACIST REFS: Referees Deny Mostly White Team and Favors Black High School Players in Win

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ChuckYooFarly 2 months ago

White people need to abandon and boycott sports altogether. If the gni99ers and kweerz are going to be declared the winners regardless, quit supporting this racism. Don't watch the games. Don't buy tickets, or merchandise. Ditch your cable TV with it's 100 sports channels. You will survive.
The same goes for anything where Blacks are featured, like in music and movies.

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Linda 2 months ago

There have been at least two comments in the news recently by some who decided that a wh girl can't be the GOAT. The comments were so ridiculous, that I don't know how they could say what they did with a straight face. But the fact is, thet race thinks that sports are all about them, and that no one else can possibly be as good. You know who I am talking about. The comments were al over the news. Shame faced is what they should be about their comments. Come next season's WNBA , the this player and others are going to have a particularly bad time of it when the newly minted lady power player holding the records , even Pete Maravich's s record , gets there. It could get ugly.. To those who have bashed her; let me tell you that you have shown your true colors (not a pun), and you are now put on notice. We see you.

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Rants of Izzo
Rants of Izzo 2 months ago

It's disgusting!

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BBA186 3 months ago

No one should be surprised.

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