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PREDICTABLE: Democrats Demand Illegals Vote in American Elections

455 Views· 07/07/24
Report and Opine
Report and Opine
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⁣power grab continues...

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Jerubbesheth 12 hours ago

How about a 2nd American Revolution instead. All these liberal commie Democrats out to destroy the U.S. need to be sent to the nearest landfill.

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Tentme04 9 days ago

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ChuckYooFarly 10 days ago

For years I've been saying that DemoRats/Leftists are Satanic scum. How much more crap do they have to pull before everyone wakes up????
Biden left the border wide open. He's given billions of U.S. tax dollars to foreign countries while Legal Americans suffer.
If Biden gets re-elected, (or any other DemoRat gets elected) we can kiss the U.S.A. goodbye.

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