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Naperville Councilman Wants Residents To Host Illegals in Their Homes!

629 Views· 01/23/24
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⁣Naperville Councilman Josh McBroom wants a sign-up list for residents to host illegals in their homes:

"We do have a very affluent community. We have a lot of big homes."

Naperville is a wealthy liberal suburb on the outskirts of Chicago. Biden won there by a 20% margin in 2020.

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ChuckYooFarly 4 months ago

Josh McBroom= a fcking idiot whou should take all those ILLEGAL-alien-INVADERS into his own home and support them out of his own pocket.
For years I have taken in jobless/homeless friends and supported them out of my own pocket. All I got out of it was my house destroyed and my bank account emptied. If you let these squatters into your homes, you will never be able to get them out. FACT.

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GuglielmoChicilini 4 months ago

T hey are not migrants, jack off!!! . They are illegal invaders. Did this elite spanked ass mention if he was rolling out the red carpet at his own home?.....how many will this guy be taking in? Illinois.....they have either career crooks as governors, Council men, mayor's, state legislators......or totally ignorant thugs.

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