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NAACP Leader Caught Calling Illegals ‘Savages’ and Rapists - Suspended

1,108 Views· 12/28/23
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Finish The Race
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⁣Activists called for the resignation of Teresa Haley, president of the Illinois State Conference NAACP, after she made "anti-immigration" remarks during a recent conference call.

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ChuckYooFarly 3 months ago

You negroes got the White people kicked to the curb. Now you're being kicked to the curb by illegal-alien-invaders. Karma is a bitch, ain't it?

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MistyMolly 4 months ago

She might as well get used to it. Chicago is a sanctuary city and this is what's going to happen. Lady, YOU ARE NOT A SLAVE! And never have been. I'm willing to bet Chicago is not helping the WHITE homeless people, either. Now you know how they feel.

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