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Miss Maryland '2024 a MAN?!

380 Views· 06/28/24
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Jun 6
Bailey Anne is a male who just won miss Maryland while pretending to be a woman. It's hard to feel bad for the women when they just watch and clap...

Women, stand up and speak out!! Do not let your spaces and titles be taken over by men!

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ChuckYooFarly 17 days ago

Absolutely disgusting. All "Beauty Pageants" should be scrapped. First men invaded women's sports (which should also be scrapped) and now they're invading the "beauty pageants"?? What a bunch of misogynistic, perverted, loser azzholes.
And, look at the rest of the ho's that lost- clapping like a bunch of trained seals.

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MsChz 19 days ago

What a disgusting joke America has become. God will not be mocked much longer.

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