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Massive Brawls Break Out Inside Six Flags Over Georgia with 500-600 People Involved

2,331 Views· 03/05/24
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⁣Massive Brawls Break Out Inside Six Flags Over Georgia with 500-600 People Involved

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Celtictexan 2 months ago

Always the 13%

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GuglielmoChicilini 2 months ago

When a society lets the bottom most element dictate cultural and legal norms....that is a recipe for the very soon to take place self destruction of that society. Joe Biden s stupid face is the personification of America circling the drain. These feral apes in full combat mode.....in numbers equal to a Civil war regiment...demonstrate that unless as a nation, we start taking drastic bold measures to regain control of our cities and suburbs....we will have little time left until we descend into the anarchy of South Africa, ....or worse, Haiti. The social experiment of the socialist left has failed...and we need to embrace the Bell Curve by Chas. Murray to understand why there is a biological limit in the progress of some branches of human beings. End sustaining these destructive vermin...via free everything paid by the public, and reinstitute a Darwinian system that culls the useless and destructive from the herd. Any Questions?

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Rattlerjake 2 months ago

Nothing but hundreds of feral simians, LEVEL the place and rebuild!

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Keedon 2 months ago

They can't help it. It's in their DNA.

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Oldclimber 2 months ago

I didn't know Georgia was in Africa, snarc, snarc.

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