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Manchin gets in the face of climate protester after being called a 'sick f---'

1,459 Views· 03/02/24
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The video shows a heated moment at Harvard Kennedy School where Senator Joe Manchin confronts a climate activist accusing him of betrayal for personal gain. Despite Manchin's attempt to calm the situation, tensions rise, leading to a brief physical altercation.

#manchinconfronts #climateactivism #harvardstandoff #politicaltension #environmentalprotest #accountabilityinpolitics #dialogueordispute #climatechangedebate

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BBA186 2 months ago

F*#% these green idiots. We need to punch them in the face every time they get into our personal space.

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KentL 2 months ago

those sick f..ks need to be issued mules to ride to school stupid children from stupid parents ..

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