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Iowa Govenor Renolds Expected To Sign Harsher Penalties For Illegals

96 Views· 04/02/24
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson
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⁣Under Iowa's bill, entering the state after previously being denied entry to the U.S. would become an aggravated misdemeanor, or a felony under some circumstances, including during an arrest for a different felony.

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ChuckYooFarly 18 days ago

Civil Rights violations and racial profiling?? BULLSHIT. These are ILLEGAL-ALIEN-INVADERS we are talking about. THEY HAVE NO CIVIL RIGHTS.!!! They are not Legal U.S. citizens.

HOORAY FOR GOVERNOR KIM REYNOLDS. Throw the ILLEGAL-ALIEN trash out of Iowa. Bus them to Martha's Vineyard.
The day they crossed the Rio Grande onto U.S. soil, they broke the law. They are criminals. I can't believe Legal U.S. Citizens and Veterans are being thrown out of their dwellings to make room for these ILLEGAL-ALIEN-INVADERS.
Not only that, the ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS are cocky and they mock us. They DEMAND money and better dwellings. I can't believe there are White, Leftist, brainwashed azzholes opening up their homes to these invaders. THEY'RE SOOOOO STUPID.

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