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Dear Christians, stop doing this.

1,135 Views· 10/22/23
Rants of Izzo
Rants of Izzo
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MsChz 3 months ago

Hey Izzo! Sounds like the guy here that every so often goes to our local mall at Christmas and screams Santa is fake, you're lying to your kids, it's about Jesus's birth, etc. I personally don't believe the Santa thing is damaging children! Nor against God. Mine are 31 & 36 and I used to tell them...Jesus loves us SO much he wanted us to have gifts too and appointed his friend Santa to help with that. To scream out that to kids is simply NOT his job nor do I believe Jesus put His stamp of approval on his behavior. Or like the ones who blow up abortion clinics! Just stand outside pray, have literature on hand for alternatives, Christian tracks. Something actually helpful! There should not be yelling or shaming. There DEFINITELY shouldn't be physical force! I've had a few friends that got abortions and I can tell you we are all in our 50's and it haunts them to this day! Most keep it completely quiet...especially back in the 80's! So unfortunately none of us had the chance to be their support system. Some their parents demanded it. We just never know someone's situation. Although I believe abortion is wrong 100% my mom always used to say...that's between them and God now.

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CookieCat 6 months ago

Thank you!

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