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Congressman Shows Up To AZ Facility After O'Keefe Infiltration, Sheriff Arrives Soon After

1,776 Views· 02/10/24
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⁣Ramadas Casa Alitas facility now calling the
on a Congressman who showed up.

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whitebread 12 days ago

Thousands of nonprofits are receiving hundreds of billions in taxpayer dollars for three reasons, one, they are being paid to traffic Illegals throughout our country, two, they are handing the illegals thousands In prepaid gift cards, airline tickets and the free bus rides all on our dime, three, every single nonprofit involved in trafficking hundreds of thousands of Illegals a month are donating hundreds of millions to every Democrat election fund that they will use for the upcoming elections especially the Presidential Election. Basically It’s another scam the Democrats are using to flood our country with Illegals who are being paid to register and vote for Democrats and funneling hundreds of millions right back into Democrat election funds like Act Blue by the nonprofits involved in the Trafficking killing two birds with one stone.

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JohnnyB 13 days ago

What are these crooks trying to hide??? If it were me, I'd set up a camera and photograph everyone coming and going. Then hold the hearing and I'll bet the employees will not remember any orders or any of the bosses or will have a bout of amnesia....

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Dwayne 13 days ago

He sure went about this the wrong way.

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Budman 13 days ago

You know damn well that places will be cleaned up before Congress gets back there. They should have pushed the issue and gone in there now.

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