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Biden Not Running the Country: Nancy Pelosi and Obama Are

886 Views· 07/07/24
Eric Thompson
Eric Thompson
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⁣Mike Davis identifies China, George Soros, and Barack Obama as key factors in America’s decline.

“… Barack Obama pretends like he’s some moderate, he’s some reasonable man. He is a hard-charging Marxist. That’s how he was raised. That’s how he was brought up.”

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Marlopi 9 days ago

Nancy Pelosi is suffering from the same illness as Biden - dementia. Obama is running the country like he did his first two terms -- by Soros's agenda. This is the third Soros/Obama administration. The first two terms (Obama's presidency) they imported radical Islamists and placed them throughout the country and began the agenda for the fall of America. Clinton was supposed to finish the job, but We The People thwarted them in 2016. Then they put Biden in office by hook and crook to continue their agenda during their 3rd term in office -- please wake up and do not give them a 4th term.

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