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A Critical Look at Identity Politics #shorts

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⁣I did an interview with Epoch Times after they had interviewed some big named person at CPAC. The host of this segment was told by a bystander that he needed to interview me, and that I would be a much more
profound interview. I promise this was no at my urging. Anyway, the host agreed and I sat down for a 7-minute interview. During the interview, I could see that the host was awed by my comments. Having done thousands of interviews, I know the impact my words can have. I was unaware they created this video (2 of
3) of my work, and titled it "Thought Leaders". I hope you enjoy these videos.

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James Fultz
James Fultz 2 months ago

You, Kevin Jackson, should also run for the presidency in the not too distant future. I would vote for you without question.....

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