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⁣Today, Chaz-style encampments fill the campus of Columbia University. The occupiers are shouting, “Kill all Zionists! Long Live Hamas.” But this isn’t just at Columbia. From New York to California, blue cities and blue campuses are erupting with the most prejudicial, vehement, and vilest expressions of hatred toward the Jewish people that America has ever seen. It is by no means isolated and it is alarming just how widespread this has become.

There are only two directions before us in this civilizational moment. We will either experience a true revival and recovery of those eternal principles and foundations in the Gospel that once made America strong as Alexis de Tocqueville observed, or we will lose them in this generation as our culture commits the Romans 1 folly of suppressing the truth in unrighteousness.

Christians cannot afford to be silent in this moment. Faithfulness demands obedience. As the apostle Paul said, “The aim of our charge is love that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith.” We must take a stand for truth and righteousness. And we must take the hill. It is the most loving thing we can do.

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⁣On Friday, April 19th the Biden Administration finally rolled out new rules to amend Title IX regulations and expand the legal definition of sex to include sexual orientation and gender identity. This will have broad and sweeping effects on primary, secondary, and post-secondary education all across the country, influencing and impacting student programs, facilities, scholarships, housing, healthcare, and freedom of speech and religion in public spaces.

How should Christians think about it? Here’s the Point.

All freedom is derived from our Creator and while not every government is capable of defining or defending those rights, they are pre-political and exist outside of any bureaucracy. All biological reality was determined at creation by the God of creation.

We desperately need revival in America. The reason we have such a fragmented and incoherent understanding of rights and freedoms in America is that we have a government and a people that have denied God along with the universe He has made. And this isn’t just a political problem, at its root it is a deeply spiritual problem. America needs the Gospel of Jesus Christ and bold defenders of freedom and basic biology in the public square.

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⁣The Berliner story reveals there is bias, more importantly, there is dissension among the rank-and-file media class. How should Christians think about this?

Here’s the Point:

The counterfeit world of digital media, news, and information might seem monolithic and if compared to a castle fortress, impregnable. But it has serious cracks, and the foundation is built on sinking sand. No one, absolutely no one, can propagate myths and deceptions in perpetuity. There are real costs to doing that and the bill always comes due in the end.

As the saying goes, they can fool everyone some of the time, they can even fool some all of the time, but they can never fool everyone all the time. Truth always wins.

Christians are beholden to the truth. It is the truth that sets us free. In the book of Acts, the public enemies of Christ could not conceal the Resurrection as fake news or a theory – not even for a day. They were compelled by overwhelming evidence to concede the resurrection and the obvious truth that they had killed an innocent man.

Not even the Roman government, ruled by an absolute dictator with no delegated power, could overturn the truth. Yes, truth wins and truth saves. While the American people have lost trust in the media, Christians had better not lose trust in the truth. Not only that it is truth, but that it will set us free.

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There is no question that today’s conflict has significant repercussions geopolitically, but also biblically. The modern state of Israel was attacked by an Islamic regime that has promised to harm them for over 40 years. And just as we have witnessed the rise of antisemitism on America’s top college campuses, and have heard the slogan “from the river to the sea” shouted by a democratic member of Congress, we cannot be indifferent to the conflict that Israel is embroiled in today.

Antisemitism is not only manifest in direct hatred towards Jewish people and modern Israelis. It is also manifestly expressed in attitudes of apathy and indifference. We see that everywhere in America, including the church. Christians would do well to remember that the God of Scripture has not counted the Jewish people out (Rom 11:23-36). Jesus Christ is our Messiah, and He is the only hope for real and lasting peace in Jerusalem (Ps 122:6). There is still Gospel work to do. Jesus Christ is the only means of salvation and the only name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved (Act 4:12). We are looking forward to the day when our Jewish neighbors and friends will also be called brothers and sisters because of what Jesus Christ has done.

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⁣Zoraya ter Beek is 28 years old and from the Netherlands. She is physically healthy but she has decided to be euthanized in May and to be cremated. But why? She claims that she once had ambitions of being a career psychiatrist but did not finish school. She suffers from depression, autism, and a personality disorder, but she has still managed to be in a relationship with her boyfriend who is a 40-year-old IT programmer, who she claims to also love.

Here's the point: As Christians, we worship a God who not only created us but created us for His glory. We must recognize that from birth, every man and woman, created in the image of God also belongs to God. As Christians, we also recognize a double responsibility, not only from creation, but Christ has purchased and redeemed us by His blood on the cross.

We have been bought with a price, so we must honor and glorify God with our bodies.

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⁣An abortion is a procedure to end a pregnancy. It can be done two different ways: Medication abortion, which uses medicines to end the pregnancy. It is sometimes called a "medical abortion" or "abortion with pills." Procedural abortion, a procedure to remove the pregnancy from the uterus. It is sometimes called a "surgical abortion."

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⁣To further add to the political distance, on Thursday, April 4th, President Biden called for “an immediate ceasefire” in Gaza and told Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that “the overall humanitarian situation” was “unacceptable.” Indeed, the entire “U.S. policy with respect to Gaza will be determined” by the Biden administration’s “assessment of Israel’s immediate action” address the humanitarian conditions on the ground.

How should Christians think about this present crisis? Here’s the point. Moral clarity is most needed right now. Hamas is evil. Let’s be clear. Their insistence on genocide, human sacrifice, and human body shields to defend, promote, and achieve their geopolitical ambitions should never gain the sympathy of anyone with a moral conscience. Christians must be outspoken about the realities of terrorism, violence, and fear that is being orchestrated and promoted by Hamas and has earned the praise of the most reprehensible advocates in the Western world. Christians cannot lack moral clarity when it is needed most right now.

We must speak up with courage. We must stand with the Israeli people who are by now well acquainted with persecution, sorrow, and grief. Even as they stand alone, Christians must stand with them.

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