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⁣Y’all, she held a peeping Tom captive with her gun, so he called the police on his apple watch scared she might try and rape him cuz she was feeling moist from his attractiveness 🤣

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all because she had her phone out!

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⁣REPORT: 7.3 million illegal immigrants have entered into the United States under President Biden's watch.

That is the equivalent of 2 years of child births in the United States.

The equivalent of the Dallas Cowboys stadium being filled at max capacity... 91 times.

More than the population of 36 individual states.

More than the individual populations of Ireland, New Zealand, Denmark and Norway.

Call it what it is... an invasion supported by the president.

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⁣NEW: El Salvador president Nayib Bukele calls on the United States to abandon globalism and says “dark forces” are taking over America.


“If you want globalism to die here too, you must be willing to unapologetically fight against everything and everyone that stands for it. Fight for your freedoms, fight for your rights.”

“These dark forces are already taking over your country. You may not see it yet, but it's already happening. You don't see it as clearly because people are designed to see linear changes, not exponential ones.”

“People become complacent and they don't realize how bad things are getting until it's too late.”

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⁣9-year-old girl kidnapped by couple in white van while she walked home from school in California, police say

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644 Views · 10 hours ago

⁣Contenders on Trump's VP shortlist:
Ron DeSantis, Tim Scott, Vivek Ramaswamy, Byron Donalds, Kristi Noem, and Tulsi Gabbard.

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⁣MSNBC Guest Asserts White People Stole ALL MUSIC From Black People

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488 Views · 1 day ago

⁣This is illegal alien from Venezuela and he has a message for his fellow commies. If this doesn’t motivate you get up and do something for your country, I don’t know what will…

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508 Views · 1 day ago

⁣Trump Wins Over Entire Panel Of Undecided Voters Following Town Hall Event

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273 Views · 1 day ago

⁣Texas woman mistaken as a home intruder by two female cops said she saw holes appear in the wall before she realized what was happening. The two female cops mag dumped the instant they saw her, and then some.

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Today in Darien Gap, I visited a migrant facility called Puerto Limon, which has become a central location for Chinese “migrants” AKA INVADERS who enter Panama via the Darien Gap.

These Chinese invaders are roughly 80% military aged men. To show you how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is helping to facilitate the invasion of America, ask yourself, why is there a Chinese store in the middle of the Panamá jungle?

, the invaders from China are using Starlink to commit illegal acts of invasion.

I figured I would alert you to this since you are anti-invasion.

There’s zero cell service there, but there is Starlink and brand new white papers with QR codes for Alibaba Pay and WeChatPay so that the ChiCom invaders can make monetary transactions to aid their invasion of the United States.

What can be done about this,
? We need to stop the invasion and BAN the CCP!

Today, I spent the entire day in the Panamanian jungle visiting and filming invasion camps that cater to Chinese invaders.


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908 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Girls At The Gym

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330 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Wildest Children's Names Seen in The Hospital

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675 Views · 2 days ago

⁣🚨BREAKING! Biden's voters are lining up at the southern border!

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127 Views · 2 days ago

⁣SHOCK VIDEO: Migrants Attack COPS In NYC Shelter!

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86 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Google’s Gemini AI Blasted For Eliminating White People From Image Searches

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377 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Venezuelan Gangs Are Hitting Mansions Across the USA!

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47 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Hackers Can Extract Your Fingerprints from Sound of Swiping Touchscreen

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420 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Women would be fine without men, but it seems men can’t say the same.

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298 Views · 2 days ago

⁣Robin Williams Trying To Offend As Many People As Possible

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