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198 Views · 1 month ago

⁣In this special video, Marc Lobliner shares his personal message for fathers everywhere. As a dedicated father himself, Marc dives into the challenges and rewards of fatherhood, offering advice, stories, and motivation to dads striving to balance family, fitness, and personal growth.

👨‍👧‍👦 What You'll Learn:

Personal Reflections: Marc discusses his own journey as a father, sharing insights and lessons learned along the way.
Balancing Act: Tips on managing fatherhood alongside a busy lifestyle, including fitness commitments and professional responsibilities.
Building Relationships: Advice on nurturing strong, healthy relationships with children, emphasizing the role of a father in a child's life.
Motivation for Dads: Encouragement for fathers to stay active, involved, and healthy, not just for themselves but for their families too.

🌟 Whether you're a new dad, a seasoned parent, or somewhere in between, this video is meant to inspire and support you in the incredible journey of fatherhood.

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Evening Rants
206 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Is it possible to shed pounds without hitting the gym? Join Marc Lobliner as he tackles this frequently asked question, exploring whether you can effectively lose weight through diet alone and what science says about the roles of nutrition and physical activity in weight management.

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🍽 What You'll Learn:

Diet vs. Exercise: Understand the impact of diet and exercise on weight loss and which one might be more critical.
Scientific Insights: Dive into what research reveals about losing weight without exercise.
Alternative Methods: Explore other strategies that contribute to weight loss, such as intermittent fasting and changes in macronutrient intake.
Health Benefits: Discussion on the overall health benefits of combining diet with exercise versus diet alone.
Personal Tips: Marc shares his experiences and tips for those looking to lose weight without traditional exercise.

🏋‍♂️ Whether you're unable to exercise due to physical constraints, or you're just curious about how diet impacts your weight loss efforts, this video will provide you with the knowledge and tools to approach weight loss intelligently and effectively.

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Evening Rants
279 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Are foam rollers just a fitness fad, or do they actually offer real benefits? Join Marc Lobliner as he explores the science and practical use of foam rolling in workout routines. From reducing soreness to improving mobility, get the lowdown on whether foam rollers should be a part of your fitness arsenal.

🧘‍♂️ What You'll Learn:

Science of Foam Rolling: Understand how foam rolling works and what it does for your muscles and recovery.
Benefits Examined: We'll dive into the claimed benefits of foam rolling, including increased circulation, reduced muscle tightness, and enhanced recovery.
Practical Demonstration: Marc demonstrates effective techniques for using a foam roller on different muscle groups.
Expert Opinions: Hear from physiotherapists and trainers about when and how to use foam rollers most effectively.
Myth Busting: Marc debunks common myths about foam rolling to ensure you're getting accurate information.

💪 Whether you’re a gym newbie or a seasoned athlete, understanding how to effectively use foam rollers can significantly enhance your performance and recovery. Don’t miss out on these expert tips and demonstrations!

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Evening Rants
139 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Does increasing your workout sets truly lead to more muscle? A groundbreaking new study says yes! Join Marc Lobliner as he dives into the latest research on training volume and muscle hypertrophy. Get the facts, debunk myths, and understand how to effectively apply these findings to your own training regimen for maximum muscle growth.

🔬 What You'll Learn:

Study Details: An overview of the new study's methods, findings, and what it means for your workouts.
Volume vs. Intensity: Explore the debate between more sets versus higher intensity. Which is more effective for building muscle?
Practical Application: Tips on how to safely increase your training volume without risking overtraining or injury.
Real-World Impact: Marc shares insights from his own experiences with training volume adjustments and the results he's seen.
Q&A Session: Have questions? Drop them in the comments, and Marc will address them in a follow-up video!

🏋‍♂️ Whether you're looking to bulk up or just refine your training techniques, this video is packed with essential information that will help you make smarter decisions about how, when, and why to increase your workout sets.

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Evening Rants
9 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Witness the power of World's Strongest Man, Eddie Hall, as he steps into the MMA ring to face not one, but two opponents in a thrilling showcase! This video provides an all-angles breakdown of Eddie's MMA debut, including the intense fight sequences, strategic moves, and the raw strength he brings to the sport. What led Eddie to take on such a formidable challenge? Find out here!

🥊 What You'll Learn:

Fight Highlights: Relive the key moments from Eddie Hall’s MMA fights, including his techniques and the decisive moments that defined the matches.
Pre-Fight Preparation: Explore how Eddie trained and prepared for his MMA debut, transitioning from strongman competitions to mixed martial arts.
Post-Fight Analysis: Hear from MMA experts about Eddie’s performance, what he did right, and areas for improvement if he continues in the sport.
Eddie’s Perspective: Gain insights directly from Eddie Hall on his experience in the ring and his future in MMA.

👊 Whether you’re a long-time MMA fan or a follower of Eddie Hall’s strongman career, this video is a must-see for its unique blend of strength and combat sports.

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Evening Rants
15 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Why is America struggling with an obesity epidemic? In this eye-opening video, Marc Lobliner tackles the complex factors contributing to America's weight problem. From hidden sugars in 'healthy' foods to lifestyle habits and cultural influences, get ready for a no-holds-barred exploration of the real reasons behind the rising obesity rates.

🍔 What You'll Learn:

Dietary Deception: Discover how misleading food labels and high-calorie 'health' foods contribute to poor dietary choices.
Lifestyle Factors: Examine how modern sedentary lifestyles and convenience culture are propelling obesity rates.
Economic Influences: Discuss the impact of socioeconomic factors on dietary habits and access to healthy food.
Psychological Aspects: Uncover the psychological triggers that lead to overeating and poor food choices.
Policy and Prevention: Explore what changes could be made at the governmental and community levels to combat obesity effectively.

🏋‍♂️ Join Marc as he digs deep into these issues, providing insights and potential solutions to turn the tide on obesity. This isn't just about losing weight; it's about changing lives.

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Evening Rants
9 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Join Marc Lobliner as he unpacks the explosive news surrounding Ryan Garcia's failed drug test and the allegations against NutraBio. What does this mean for Garcia's career and the reputation of NutraBio? Dive into the details with Marc as he explores the implications of this scandal in the sports and supplement industries.

🚨 Live Session Highlights:

Breaking Down the Allegations: Get the facts about what happened with Ryan Garcia and why NutraBio is in the spotlight.
Industry Impact: Analyze how this incident affects the credibility of sports nutrition companies and what it means for consumer trust.
Legal and Ethical Considerations: Discuss the potential legal repercussions and ethical debates sparked by such high-profile drug test failures.
Viewer Interaction: Marc will be answering your questions live! This is your chance to weigh in with your thoughts and get real-time responses.

🥊 Whether you're a fan of boxing, interested in sports ethics, or curious about the impact on the supplement industry, this session is a must-watch. Marc brings his industry expertise to the forefront, providing deep insights and a balanced perspective on these serious allegations.

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Evening Rants
94 Views · 1 month ago

Alan Roberts of Evening Rants

Evening Rants
670 Views · 1 month ago

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Evening Rants
16 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Think you can skip your protein shake after hitting the gym? Think again! Marc Lobliner dives into the crucial timing of protein intake post-workout, backed by the latest scientific research from Frontiers in Nutrition. Discover why the timing of your protein shake could make or break the effectiveness of your entire workout.

🥤 What You'll Learn:

Science of Protein Timing: Explore the findings from a recent study Frontiers in Nutrition, 2024 that highlight the importance of immediate protein supplementation for optimizing muscle mass and performance.
Myths vs. Reality: Marc busts common myths about protein timing and explains why delaying protein intake could be hindering your gains.
Practical Tips: Get actionable advice on how to incorporate protein shakes into your workout routine for maximum benefit.
Q&A Session: Marc answers your burning questions about protein, supplementation, and workout strategies.

💪 Whether you're a bodybuilder, athlete, or fitness enthusiast, understanding the impact of nutrition on recovery and growth is key. This video will change how you think about your post-workout nutrition!

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Evening Rants
589 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Is cardio really necessary? Marc Lobliner challenges the conventional wisdom that cardio is a must for fitness. In this eye-opening video, Marc argues why everyone's fitness goal might be to eliminate traditional cardio entirely. Dive into the science, the myths, and the alternative methods that could be more effective for fat loss, muscle retention, and overall health.

🏃‍♂️ What You'll Discover:

Cardio Myths Debunked: Unpacking common misconceptions about cardio and fat loss.
Benefits of Resistance Training: Explore how lifting weights can meet, if not exceed, the benefits of traditional cardio.
Healthier Alternatives: Marc discusses other forms of exercise that contribute to cardiovascular health without the downsides of long cardio sessions.
Personalized Fitness: Tailoring your workout routine to fit your lifestyle, goals, and body type without relying on traditional cardio.

🔍 Whether you're a cardio enthusiast or skeptic, this video offers fresh perspectives on fitness routines and challenges the status quo of daily workouts.

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Evening Rants
714 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Join Marc Lobliner in a live, in-depth discussion about the recent shocking incident involving Stefi Cohen. Reports claim a confrontation ensued after allegations of stolen personal content. What really happened? Tune in as we break down the events, the legal implications, and the broader societal issues highlighted by this case.

🚨 What You'll Learn:

Incident Overview: Get the full story on what transpired between Stefi Cohen and the alleged incident with law enforcement.
Legal Perspective: Understand the potential legal consequences and rights involved in such cases.
Community Reaction: Explore how the community and public figures are reacting to the developments.
Broader Implications: Discuss the impact of privacy violations and how they affect public figures and their interactions with the law.

👥 Whether you're a fan of sports, concerned about privacy rights, or just keen on following high-profile incidents, this live stream promises comprehensive insights and lively discussion.

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Evening Rants
145 Views · 1 month ago

⁣Are meal plans truly better than flexible dieting? Join Marc Lobliner as he breaks down why structured meal planning might just be the superior approach for reaching your fitness goals. Whether you’re aiming to lose fat, gain muscle, or maintain a healthy lifestyle, understanding the benefits of a dedicated meal plan could be a game changer.

🍽 What You'll Discover:

Consistency & Discipline: Learn how meal plans encourage consistent eating habits and help maintain dietary discipline.
Nutritional Accuracy: Explore how meal plans can more accurately meet nutritional needs and help avoid the pitfalls of under or overeating.
Goal-Oriented Eating: Understand how tailored meal plans can be specifically designed to align with your fitness goals, maximizing results.
Time Efficiency: Discover the time-saving benefits of having a set meal plan versus the daily decision-making of flexible dieting.
Real-Life Success Stories: Hear from individuals who have seen significant results from sticking to a meal plan.

👨‍🍳 Whether you’re new to dieting or you’ve been in the game for a while, this video will provide you with deep insights into why structured meal planning could be the key to your success.

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Evening Rants
298 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Ever wonder if there's a perfect time to take protein to maximize your fitness results? Whether you're looking to build muscle, lose weight, or just maintain a healthy lifestyle, understanding the timing of protein intake can make a significant difference. Join us as we explore the best times to consume protein and how it aligns with different activities and goals.

🕒 What You'll Learn:

Post-Workout Recovery: Why it’s crucial to consume protein right after your workout and how it helps in muscle recovery.
Pre-Workout Prep: How taking protein before exercising can prevent muscle loss and provide you with the energy you need for an intense session.
Overnight Muscle Repair: The benefits of consuming protein right before bedtime to support muscle repair throughout the night.
Morning Fuel: Why including protein in your breakfast is essential after a night of fasting.
Consistent Intake: The importance of evenly spacing your protein consumption throughout the day to maintain muscle protein synthesis.

🏋 Whether you're an athlete or someone who’s just trying to stay fit, knowing when to take protein can help you reach your health and fitness goals more effectively.

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Evening Rants
56 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Ever wondered how much caffeine is too much? Join us as we dive into the world of caffeine consumption, exploring just how much is safe and what happens when you go overboard. This video is your ultimate guide to understanding caffeine's effects on your body and how to consume it responsibly.
☕ What You'll Learn:

Safe Caffeine Limits: Discover how much caffeine is considered safe for most adults, pregnant women, and children.

Effects of Excessive Caffeine: We'll cover the symptoms of too much caffeine, such as insomnia, nervousness, and more.

Individual Differences: Learn why caffeine affects people differently and how to determine your personal tolerance.

Managing Your Intake: Tips on how to track and manage your caffeine consumption effectively to avoid unwanted side effects.

👀 Whether you're a coffee lover, tea enthusiast, or energy drink consumer, this video is packed with important information to help you enjoy caffeine safely without overdoing it.

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#caffeinesafety #healthyliving #caffeinelimits #wellnesstips

Evening Rants
313 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Are multivitamins a key part of a healthy lifestyle or just a daily habit with limited benefits? This video dives deep into the science and facts behind multivitamin supplements, helping you decide if they should be part of your daily routine.
🌟 What You'll Learn:

Multivitamin Benefits: Uncover the potential health benefits of taking a multivitamin and who might need them the most.

Nutritional Gaps: Learn how multivitamins can help fill nutritional gaps in your diet, and why that might be important for you.

Customization for Health Needs: Explore how different multivitamins target specific demographics, such as age groups, genders, and health conditions.

Expert Opinions: Hear from nutritionists and healthcare providers about the pros and cons of regular multivitamin use.

🥗 Whether you're considering multivitamins to enhance your nutritional intake or just curious about their effects, this video provides a balanced view to help you make an informed decision based on your personal health needs.

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Evening Rants
439 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Red 40, also known as Allura Red AC, is a synthetic dye used widely in foods, drugs, and cosmetics. It's one of the most commonly used food dyes in the United States and can be found in products like candies, beverages, and more. Concerns about its safety have been discussed over the years, primarily focusing on allergic reactions and behavioral effects in children.

Allergic Reactions: Some people may experience allergic reactions to Red 40, though this is relatively rare. Symptoms could include hives or swelling, and it can be more common in people with certain pre-existing allergies.

Behavioral Effects: There has been debate over the impact of synthetic dyes like Red 40 on children's behavior. Some studies and anecdotal evidence suggest that it might contribute to hyperactivity in sensitive children, particularly those with ADHD. However, the evidence is not conclusive, and regulatory agencies like the FDA continue to permit its use, deeming it safe based on the current research.

Carcinogenicity: Early studies raised concerns about the potential for Red 40 to be carcinogenic, but more recent and extensive studies have generally not supported these initial fears. The current consensus by the FDA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) is that Red 40 does not pose a cancer risk to humans.
Regulatory Status: In the U.S., the FDA regulates the use of food dyes and has set acceptable daily intake levels for Red 40. In Europe, it is also approved but often comes with a warning label indicating that it may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.

While considered safe for the general population by food safety authorities, some people choose to avoid Red 40 due to personal sensitivities or concerns about synthetic additives in food. If you're concerned about Red 40, you can look for foods labeled as free from artificial colors or dyes.

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Evening Rants
308 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Is the concept of "newbie gains" a myth? Marc Lobliner dives deep into the latest scientific findings that challenge the traditional understanding of early-stage muscle growth for beginners. Learn what this means for your fitness journey and how you can maximize your gains, regardless of your experience level.
🔬 What's Inside:
Breaking Down the Science: Explore the recent studies that have reshaped our understanding of newbie gains.

Myth vs. Reality: Marc separates fact from fiction, explaining how these new insights apply to both beginners and seasoned athletes.

Effective Strategies for Growth: Discover updated training techniques and strategies that promise results, no matter how long you've been training.
Expert Opinions: Hear from leading fitness experts on why these findings might change the way we approach training and muscle development.
🏋‍♂️ Whether you're just starting out or looking to overcome a plateau, this video is packed with critical insights that will help you rethink and refine your workout strategies for optimal growth.
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Evening Rants
5 Views · 2 months ago

⁣Join Marc Lobliner LIVE as he dives into the explosive news of Logan Paul's lawsuit against Ryan Garcia. Get all the details on what sparked the legal battle and what it could mean for both high-profile personalities.

🚨 Live Session Highlights:

The Lawsuit Details: What are the claims, and why has Logan Paul decided to take legal action against Ryan Garcia?
Implications for the Industry: Explore how this lawsuit could impact the entertainment and sports industries.

Viewer Q&A: Have questions? Marc will be answering your queries live! Get insights, share your opinions, and join the community discussion.
💥 Don’t miss out on this gripping discussion about one of the most talked-about legal battles in the influencer and sports world. Tune in to get informed and weigh in with your thoughts!
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